As owner Matt Palan says, "I think of myself as a problem solver who's trained as an architect." And that's the spirit that Matt brings to his work with his clients at Creative Concepts Architecture. Since he began work as a draftsman in 1995, Matt has put his passion to help people achieve their goals through a comprehensive range of building construction and renovation designs and consultation services.

With his focus on custom residential projects, Matt enjoys the challenges and rewards of helping customers realize their vision. As Matt says, "We help people bring their ideas to life and solve their problems. I know that the solutions I offer them today are going to be things that they'll live with for years to come. My mission is to ensure that what I do today will be something they enjoy and that meets their needs for a long time to come."

Better Than We Found It

Do you have children? Have you ever borrowed something from your friends or family? Did you ever borrow a car? How about a tool you borrowed from your neighbor that you couldn't afford? Did you fill it up with gas or clean it before you returned what you borrowed?

When I was little, my parents taught me that whenever I borrowed something from anyone, the right thing to do was to always return it in better condition than when it was received.

For me, as an architect, I believe this principal functions on a much broader scale. A building, or built environment, lasts a very long time - much longer than our lifetimes in some cases. My viewpoint is that I'm borrowing this environment from our children and I'd like to make it better than when I received it.

I strive to fulfill this principal in every project I work on. Giving consideration to modularity of materials to minimize waste, usability by people of all skills and ability levels, and the visual appeal and interest of the space when it's complete.

-Matt Palan

Owner & Founder of Creative Concept Architecture

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